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History of Pilot Schools

Pilot Schools were established in February 2007 when a Memorandum of Understanding was ratified by LAUSD and UTLA to create and implement ten small, autonomous Belmont Pilot Schools within LAUSD Local District 4 with a specific focus on creating new, innovative schools to relieve overcrowding at Belmont High School. Over the following 2 years, the cap of 10 schools was reached with 9 in Local District 4 and 1 in Local District 6.

In 2009, with the advent of Public School Choice, teachers lobbied UTLA to expand the number of Pilot Schools. A second MOU was ratified by LAUSD and UTLA for an additional 20 Pilot Schools district-wide. By the fall of 2011, the total number of Pilots district-wide was 32.

The most recent stabilization and empowerment agreement between LAUSD and UTLA (December 2011) lifts the cap on Pilot schools, allowing any school in the district to adopt this model via a proposal process.