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How to Become a Pilot School

Schools interested in becoming a Pilot School can submit proposals under the 2012-2013 Request for Proposal (RFP) process for Pilot Schools. Schools that have been identified as Focus Schools in Public School Choice 4.0 go through the PSC 4.0 RFP process.

For schools interested in submitting a proposal through the Pilot Schools Request for Proposal, the RFP process will be developed by the Pilot School Office and administered by the Pilot Schools Steering Committee (PSSC). Below are a summary of the steps a school would undertake to begin the process:
  1. Schedule an orientation and/or informational meeting with the Pilot School Office to be provided for school staff.
  2. Staff vote - approval will be evidenced if a minimum of 67% of all Unit (UTLA) members who work 50% or more in the school vote to adopt Pilot status.
  3. Develop and write Pilot school proposal in response to the RFP guidelines (review 2012-2013 Pilot Schools Request for Proposal).
  4. Submit final proposal to the PSSC with documentation of Steps 1 and 2.
  5. Submitted proposals are reviewed by the PSSC.
  6. Approved schools receive written notification from the PSSC.
  7. The PSSC submits approved proposals to the LAUSD Board of Education for approval and to request authorization to establish the Pilot School with its own CDS code.

The Pilot Schools Steering Committee (PSSC) is responsible for monitoring the proposal application process, including reviewing and approving all Request for Proposals to establish Pilot Schools. The PSSC makes recommendations to the Board of Education for final approval for a school to become a Pilot School site. In addition, the PSSC ensures Pilot Schools meet the yearly benchmarks they have set for increased student performance, and is involved in the accountability as part of the School Review process. PSSC membership is comprised of representatives from LAUSD, UTLA, AALA, and community organizations appointed by other members of the committee.

ESTABLISHMENT OF PILOT SCHOOLS (Review the full language in the LA Pilot Schools Memorandum of Understanding, page 4)

A Pilot School may be created by the following means:
  • A new, start-up Pilot school
  • An existing regular LAUSD school or high school Small Learning Community (SLC) may convert to become a Pilot School if a minimum of 67% of all Unit members who work 50% or more in the school adopt Pilot status.
  • An existing charter school can decide to give up its charter and apply through the RFP process.

Establishment of Pilot Schools through the RFP process:
  • The District shall provide an orientation and/or informational meeting(s) for UTLA members interested in Pilot schools.
  • The Pilot Schools Steering Committee (PSSC) will release each year a timeline for the Pilot Schools Request for Proposal (RFP) process.
  • Completed proposals will be reviewed by the PSSC, and thereafter determine which proposals are approved.
  • No Pilot School shall be established without the approval of the PSSC and the LAUSD School Board.
  • The Board of Education must authorize the formation of a new school through the CDS code approval process.
  • The Chapter Chair and school site administrator from each school being relieved by a new start-up Pilot school will confirm:
    • An orientation and/or informational meeting(s) was held
    • A school vote to adopt Pilot status was taken